*Output: Web / Social Media - maximum of 2560px (longest side) 72dpi, Print - max. 841mm (longest side) 300dpi, OOH - 300dpi includes enlargement service
Complex objects include fine chains, bicycles, hair masking, fur masking or multiple objects in one shot.
Composite - require separate elements from other shots
You don't have to submit your images now, but you can submit an example of what needs to be done.
How many images would you like to get retouched?
How much time do we have? Is there a deadline for this project?
What is your approximate budget for this project? (in the currency selected above)
Your wish is our command, but you have to be very descriptive. Maybe you want us to do something differently? Sending colour references, skin tone references or just something that inspires you always helps to achieve great results very quickly. Is there something you would like us to pay particular attention to? You can even take screenshots of RAWs that you sending us and mark them to show exactly what you want. You don't have to do all this, but it's a great way to make sure we don't overtake your photography, we only enhance your vision of it.